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Lucas cook

Lucas Cook

Hitting, Catching

An owner and founder of Warbird Academy, Lucas gives over 750 hitting and catching lessons each year. A catcher in his playing career, he is passionate about creating fundamentally sound, tough catchers and hitters. 

dan Blewett

Dan Blewett

Pitching, Throwing, Fielding

A pro pitcher for six seasons, Dan is one of the founders of Warbird Academy and manages all of the academy's pitching instruction. He also helps softball players dramatically increase their throwing velocity and accuracy.

Harold Riggins

Harold Riggins

Hitting, Fielding

A product of Normal West High School, Riggins was a 7th round draft pick by the Colorado Rockies. Harold is now devoted to giving back to the community by sharing his advanced hitting and fielding knowledge with younger players. 

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What to Expect from Lessons at Warbird Academy



We utilize slow-motion video to analyze mechanics and illustrate what changes need to be made. A player seeing themselves in action can be invaluable. 



We flood our players with information in their lessons but, just as importantly, we give homework to be performed outside of lessons. This helps ensure our players are reinforcing good habits on their own and constantly improving between lessons. 


THE PHYSICAL and mental

While most lessons start by addressing fundamental mechanical adjustments, we cover the equally important mental side of the game as well. Solid throwing mechanics, the perfect swing - these only matter if a player understands the game. 



1 player | 30 minutes

1 lesson = $50

6 lessons = $280

12 lessons = $540


2 players | 30 minutes

1 lesson = $35 per player


3+ players | 45+ minutes

1 lesson = $25 per player

Your Best Season Ever.

Whether you looking for a better swing, a stronger arm, or a more solid glove, we can help. 

Put in the work with us at Warbird and make your next season the best one of your life. 

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