The Warbird Senators Difference

We Create Exceptional Ballplayers.


High-Caliber Coaches

Our coaches have pro and collegiate experience, and many make their living working with baseball players for a living. We are in this for the long haul, to help develop players. 


A True Organization

We train our coaching staff, and it's our goal that all players hear the same terminology and learn the same concepts that we build on from year to year as they age.


Recruiting Help

We aren't satisfied just writing the lineup card and leaving it at that. Our organization is respected amongst college coaches, and we work hard to get our players in front of them.

Our Coaches Have Experience

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It Was An Easy Decision.

It was an easy decision picking the Senators over other teams.

They offer so much on the recruiting and training side, that no one even comes close. My son wants to play in college and we know this is the best place for him to reach that goal.

- John | Senators Parent

Think You've Got What it Takes?

Not every player can be a Senator. We are not for the casual player, and we're looking for young men with the right attitude, work ethic, and passion for baseball. 

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